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Basandaw announces the national consensus government

National Yemen

Mohammed S. Ba-Sandawa

National Yemen

Yemen’s news agency Saba says that the national consensus government has been announced  to take its responsibility after ten months of political conflicts in Yemen.

 Vice President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi issued a decree approving the formation of the new 35-member Cabinet headed by the veteran independent politician Mohammed S. Basindwa.

The Cabinet posts are equally divided between Saleh’s Congress Party and the opposition. The creation of the national consensus government was part of the power transfer deal signed by Saleh last month.

Members of the Congress Party will head the ministries of defense, foreign affairs and oil, while opposition politicians will lead the ministries of interior, finance and information.

The Cabinet also included two women, one from each side. Many people in Yemen did not anticipate much from this government.