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Yemeni Youth take a part in the Fourth United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Forum in Doha, Qatar

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Fourth United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Forum in Doha, Qatar


For National Yemen

From December 11-13, a power network of various heads of state, foreign ministers, young people, civil society organizations, business leaders and global media – more than 2000 participants in total – will convene in Doha for the United Nationals Alliance of Civilizations’ (UNAOC) 4th International Forum under the theme of “Intercultural Dialogue to Boost Development.” 

 The recent changes taking place in the Arab world have prompted the Qatar Committee for the UNAOC  to make the forum a platform for the common values expressed throughout the Arab Spring. Accordingly, the Qatari event will be punctuated during 3 days by debates, discussions and exchanges.

Moreover, by leveraging the complementarities and synergies of the Millennium Development Goals and the UNAOC, a richer, more effective framework will emerge built on common values such as human dignity, democracy, justice, fairness, mutual understanding, tolerance and respect.

 The Doha Forum will build a results-oriented set of recommendations, by proposing a comprehensive and ambitious roadmap and by designing monitoring and impact assessment tools with all 2000 participants. In order to pursue this new ambitious goal, the forum will be the time to promote the success stories and best practices and to share tools for the dissemination of efficient programs.

 Over 2,000 participants will come together to agree on joint actions to improve relations across cultures, combat prejudice and build lasting peace.

“More than ever, our world is shaped by intense interaction among diverse cultural, religious and linguistic communities. This growing diversity is a source of enrichment and opportunity, but can also lead to tensions, misunderstanding and hostility,” said the forum’s website. “The Doha Forum will convene a diverse network of actors that are working on this issue to share ideas, learn from each other, and listen to the needs of the grassroots in different communities around the world.”

The Doha Forum attendees will also have the opportunity to discover cultural attractions and cutting edge art and music through an intercultural festival created specifically for the occasion.

Yemeni youth activist, Sadam Al-Adwar, was selected as one of the participants and will leave for Doha on Friday, December 9.