Moving Forward Is a Must

Fakhri al-Arashi 

Building the future of could be easy if the new National Consensus Government prioritizes the needs of its people hard hit by ten months of protests.

The Gulf Initiative, brought about with guidance and assistance from the international community, is a rare chance at forward progress for a country that has seen none in the past year. There is no precedent for such an initiative as each country in the Arab Spring has charted different paths to what many populations believe will be a better future.

Despite the difficulties of implementing the agreement, in addition to the oft repeated list of challenges facing Yemen, hope remains strong that tomorrow will bring a better day. I believe that these hopes will not be in vein if the newly selected cabinet ministers work in good faith to rebuild destroyed infrastructure to provide basic commodities like electricity, water, oil and food.

However, the future of Yemen will ultimately depend on the first few steps that key officials make towards realizing the initiative. Even though many of the officials that will need to cooperate with each other are former enemies, they must remember that they are all Yemenis working towards the common goal of a better future.

If they can at least work together and cooperate, and avoid the temptation to lead Yemen back to war, the international community stands ready to inject much needed funding to begin building the foundation for the future Yemenis want.

Progress has already been made: A new government has been formed, the military committee is working to resolve military divisions, and the Vice-President has so far met the challenges presented to him. What comes next is largely left unknown.

If it were for the Yemeni people to decide the future, they would want to see, and feel, the results of change as soon as possible.