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Prime Minister Mohammed Salam Ba-Sandawa

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Yemen National Consensus Government

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He was born in 1935 in the city of Aden in south Yemen. He finished high school in Aden and then worked as an importer and exporter of dried fish to Sri Lanka.

He worked in journalism since his youth and eventually released two weekly newspaper Al-Nawr and Al-Hakeekah (Light and Fact). However, he was eventually arrested twice and was expelled to Eritrea.

Ba-Sandaw then joined the Popular Communist party. In his first vist to Cairo, he was introduced to the late Jamal Abdul-Nasser in 1963, and with Abdul-Nasser’s blessing, Ba-Sandaw established the Communist Party office in Cairo.

After that, he had the courage to visit Iraq, Kuwait, and Jordan for the same purpose. In 1964, Ba-Sandaw acted on behalf of the party head and then joined the movement to free the Southern Yemen from Great Britain’s colonial grip by organizing Fedayeen in Aden. From then on, he became persistent in pushing for Southern Yemen’s acceptance into United Nations until its independence in 1967.

In 1965, he moved to Taiz and worked as the General Secretariat of Advocacy and contributed efforts to organizing the Yemeni Union for Unity. He then later moved to Sana’a in the 70’s and joined Yemen’s diplomatic team. He was appointed Minister for Labor, Social Affairs and Youth in 1974, and then quickly became the Minister of State and a consultant for the president’s leadership council shortly after in 1975.

In 1977, he was appointed Minister of Planning and Development and Minister for Information and Culture. One short year later, he become a member of what was then known as the Consultative Council and also was nominated as Yemen’s offical representative to the United Nations in 1985.

He was appointed to the Shira’a Council in 1988 and then became Parliament member after Yemen achieved unity in 1990.

Ba-Sandwa continued his rapid climb in the Government of Yemen when he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1993. He would also go on to become Yemen’s Information Minister, a personal consultant to President Saleh and Yemen Ambassador to the UAE.

More recently, Ba-Sanadwa lead the opposition of President Saleh and joined the coalition of opposition parties. When the GCC agreement was signed, he was appointed as Prime Minister of the National Unity Government and sworn in by Vice-President Abdu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. Ba-Sanadwa is now working to form the new government.

Major General Abdul-Qadir Mohammed Gahtan,

 was born in the Ibb Governorate, on December 13, 1952. He obtained a doctorate in civil law from the University of Egypt in 1991. He became an assistant teacher for civil law faculty at Sana’a Univeristy until 1992 up until today. Between 1992 until 1996, he worked as General Security Manager for Taiz. In addition, he worked as the General Manager of Public Relations for the the Interior Colleague of International Victims and then became President for Sana’a Telecom Group, and then President for Interpol in Sana’a.

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Makhlafi

Minister of Law Affairs Dr. Al-Makhlafi was general Manager of Law Affairs at the Ministry of Immigrants, Member Consultative Board at the Ministry of Human Rights. He also served at the Ministry of Human Rights. Also Served as a Member of Political Office of the Yemeni Commnist Party. He obtained his doctorate on International Law and was also the Ex-President for Yemeni Tracking of Human Rights. Other accomplishments include, Member of Union of Yemeni Literature, Member of Higher Committee at Lawyers Syndicate, President of a Law Firm, Member of the Consultative at Training and Information, Member of the Arab Union Lawyers.

Dr. Mohamed Saed Al-Sa’adi

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation

and General Secretary Assistant for Islah Reform Party.

Dr. Al-Sa’adi was born in 1950 in the Al-Sa’adi District of the  Abyen Governorate. He is a father of five kids (two boys and three girls). He finished his Bachelor Degree in Saudia Arabia, and gained a Masters in Education in 1984, and his Doctorates in 1993 in the same location. He then became the Deputy Minister of Education between 1994-1997. Other accomplishments include: President of the Planning Unit, Islah Reform Party, 1993-2004.

Mr. Ali Al-Amrani, 

Minister of Information Mr. Al-Amrani was born in Al-Beidah and graduated from King Fahid University in Saudi Arabia with a degree in manufacturing. He became an ex-member of the General People Congress when he resigned during the start of the Yemeni Revolution and demanded the removal of President Saleh. Noted accomplishments: President of the Financial Committee of Parliament, two terms; Official Spokesman for the Change and Building Movement.                                              .

Mr. Mujahed Al-Gohali,

Minister for Migrant Affairs Mr. Al-Gohali is a tribal shiekh from Amran and was a military commander during the period of the late President Ibrahim Al-Hamdi. He belonged to a tribal family know as Sriah Sons. He reformed the Nasserite party and was late kicked out of the country. He recently returned and joined the GPC. He was an avid supporter of President Saleh’s regime.

Dr. Abdu Bakir Al-Qiribi,

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Al-Qiribi was born in Al-Beidah governorate in 1942. He obtained a bachelor degree from the medical college at Adamburrah University in 1965. He later obtained a diploma of science from Adamburrah University specialized in the field of pathology. In 1972, he accomplished a medical diploma the School of Tropical Medicines and Science at London University. During the same year he obtained a fellowship from the royal colleague from Liverpool University. Other accomplishments include: Fellowship with Royal College at Liverpool University, 1972; Fellowship from the Royal British College for Internal Medicine, 1974; Fellowship from Canada’s Royal College for Internal Surgery Medicine, 1975; Fellowship with the British College for Pathology, 1976; Fellowship with the Royal College for Internal Medicine in 1990, Associate Professor at San’aa University ,1979; Dean for the Science University, 1983; Dean for Medicine at Sana’a University, 1987-1989, Minister of Education, 1993-1994; Member of the Consultative Council, 1997-2001; Minister for Foreign Affairs, 2001; Reappointed as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Migrants, 2003-2005; Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2007-2011.

Sa’ad El-Dean Bin Talib,

Minister of Trade and Commerce Born in Hadhramout. Served as Head of International Cooperation and Foreign Relations at the High Anti-Corruption Committee. Also served as an MP from 1997-2003.

Dr. Ahmed Qasim Al-Ansi,

 Minister of General Health and Population Previously served as General Manager of Al-Thawra Public Hospital in Sana’a.

Dr. Jawhara Hamoud Thabet,

 Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs

Previously served as local council in Aden and was also a member of the political office for the Communist  Party.

Major General Mohammed Nasser Ahmed Ali,

 Minister for Defense Received Bachelor Degree in Military Science Command and Staff, Accomplishments include: Head of Management Affairs for the 20th Infantry Brigade; Appointed Deputy President for the Logistics and Catering Unit at the Ministry of Defense in Southern Yemen (prior to unity) until 1994; Order of Unity – May 22; Decoration of Courage; Decoration of Duty; Decoration of Sincerity; Minister of Defense, 2006; Reappointed Minister of Defense, 2007 Present.

Sakhar Ahmed Abbas Al-Wajeeh,

 Minister of Finance Served as a Member of Parliament, resigned from the GPC in 2006. Accomplishments include: Member of the Community for Development and Oil; Member of the National Council; Elected Head of Yemeni MP’s Anti-Corruption Organization. Dr. Rashad Ahmed Al-Rasad, Minister of State for Parliament and Shura’a Affairs Born in Al-Beidah Governorate. Accomplishments include: Minister of Legal Affairs, 2003; Minister for Parliament and Shura’a Affairs, 2006; Minister for Legal Affairs, 2007-2011.

Muamar Mutaher Mohammed Al-Eryani,

Minister of Sport and Youth Born in 1974 and received a Bachelor Degree from Baghdad University in the Faculty of Administration and Commerce Department of Planning and Development. Accomplishments include: Master’s Degree in Political Science from American University in London; Co-Founded, Headed Youth and Student Unit at the GPC, 1996-2006; Founded, Headed the General Union of Yemen Youth; Established Al-Raqeeb Newspaper, 1997; Deputy Head of Asia Youth Council; Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport; President of General Union for Youth.

Dr. Saleh Hassan Sawmai’a,

 Minister of Electricity Born in Al-Mahweet, he obtained his first degrees from Faculty of Police in 1975, and from Faculty of Shari’a and Law at Sana’a University in 1980. Accomplishments include: Doctorates in Law Philosophy from Cairo, 1988; Taught at Al-Maithaq Institute, Higher Institute for Judiciary, and Academy of Police; Deputy Minister for Interior for Training and Rehabilitation; Governor of Marib Governorate; Minister of Migrants; Professor of Constitutional Law and Political Systems at Sana’a University; Member of the National Diaglogue Preparatory Committee; Member of Committee for Yemen-Saudi Boundaries.

Hamoud Mohammed Obad,

Minister of Endowments and Guidance Born in Dhammar Governorate in 1960. Obtained a Bachelor Degree in Commerce and Political Science from Sana’a University in 1986. Accomplishments include: Diploma in High Studies in International Politics at Sana’a University, 1998; Diplomay from Faculty of Education at Sana’a University, 1991; Deputy Minister for Youth and Sport, President of Olympiad Committee. Member of the Strategic Committee for Youth for Scout Arab; Minister of Endowment and Guidance, 2003; Reappointed Minister of Endowment and Guidance, 2006; Minister of Youth and Sport, 2007.

Horia Mashoor,

Minister of Human Rights Born in Aden in 1954 and is married with four kids. Obtained her Bachelor Degree from Aden University in Commerce and Management. Accomplishments include: Faculty of Commerce and Political Science at Cairo University, 1974-1976; Worked in Ministry of Education – Rehabilitation Sector; General Manager of NGOs and Foreign Relations at the National Committee for Education, Culture and Science, 1997-1999; Deputy Head of National Committee for Women, 2000; Participated in numerous local and international seminars related to women and social development.

Dr. Yahya Mohammed Al-Shu’aibi,

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Born in Lahij Governorate in 1952 and holds a Master’s Degree and Doctorates in Chemistry and Physics from an American university. Accomplishments include: Professor at Sana’a University’s Faculty of Science; Deputy for Student Affairs at Sana’a University; Deputy Assistant Director for Student Affairs at Sana’a University; Minister of Education, 1997; Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research, 2001; Governor of Aden, 2003; General Secretariat for Sana’a, 2007; Minister of Civil Services until 2010.

Dr. Amat Al-Razaq Ali Hoomad,

 Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Born in Taiz and obtained a Doctorate in Philosophy of Education Curriculum and Methodology from Ayen Shamas in 1987 and was first Yemeni woman to achieve this. Studied multiple areas in education, children’s literature, population education, and women development. Accomplishments include: Professor at Sana’a University, 1988; Head of Islamic and Arab Studies at Sana’a University, 1988-1990; Head of Higher Studies and Scientific Research at the Faculty of Education; 1991-1993. Elected General Secretariat for GPC, 2006; Reappointed as Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, 2007.

Eng Omer Abdullah Al-Kurshowmi,

Minister of Public Works and Highways Obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Texas University in the United States in 1990 and particiapted in many workshops on road engineering. Accomplishments include: Deputy Minister, 2000; General Authority for Roads and Bridges, 1990; Completed Ga’atab’a – Al-Dha’ala Road, 1990-1991; General Manager for General Authority of Roads and Bridges – Hadhramout Governorate; Minister of Public Works and Highways.

Awa’ad Sa’ad Al-Socatri,

 Minister of Fisheries Born in Hadhramout in 1957, holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering. Accomplishments include: Deputy General Manger for Electricity Branch in Ashahr, 1989; General Manager of Electricity of Ashahr, 1991; General Manager of Electricity of Costal Hadhramout, 1998; Member of Parliament for GPC; Head of Services Committee for Parliament, 2006; Re-elected Head of Services Committee for Parliament in 2008.

Mohamed Al-Yazidi,

 Minister of Local Administration Served as Secretariat Deputy General for Popular Union Nasserite Party.

Nabil Abdo Shamsan,

 Minister of Civil Service and Insurance Obtained Bachelor Degree in 1987 from Sana’a University. Accomplishments include: Deputy Minister of Civil Services and Insurance, General Manager of Modernization of Civil Service Project, Head of Strategic Projects for Salaries.

Judge Murshed Al-Arashani,

 Minister of Justices Served as a memer of the Higher Judiciary Council and was a member of Higher Court Head of Islah Social Charity Association.

Wa’ad Ba-Theyab,

Minister of Transportation Served as a member of the political office for the Yemeni Communist Party. Holds a Doctorate from Bona University, India. Worked as a Professor at Aden University. He was born in Aden in 1974.

Abdullah Awbal,

 Minister of Culture, General Secretariats for the Yemeni Unity Union Party and Professor at Aden University.

Abdul-Hafid Nouman,

 Minister of Water and Environment Accomplishments include: Member of National Leadership; Head of Media Office for Secret Central Committee for Arabic Ba’ath Communist Party – Yemen Region.

Dr. Abdul-Razaq Al-Ashwal,

 Minister of Education Accomplishments Include: Head of Student Sector at the Islah Reform Party in Sana’a; Professor of Curriculum and Methodology at Sana’a University’ Head of Social Association for Special Development at Sana’a University.

Abdul-Salam Razaz

Minister of Vocational Education, Secretary General of the Union of Popular Forces