Sheba Hotel Hosts Dinner Party for Bin-Omer

National Yemen

Jamal Ban Omer at Sheba Hotel night gala dinner

by National Yemen Staff

This past Thursday, Sheba hotel in Sana’a hosted a dinner party for Jamal Bin-Omer, the United Nation Envoy to Yemen. The trip marked the seventh occasion Bin-Omer has visited Yemen as he is responsible with monitoring the UN resolution as well as the GCC brokered agreement to transfer power. Ambassadors of the European Union, GCC , Korea, China, Turkey, MPS and ministers of the National Consensus Government were present to share thoughts and ideas with the ongoing political developments in Yemen.

Bin-Omer thanked both the management team at Sheba hotel for hospitality as well as the guests who took the time out of their busy schedules and attended the event.

Said Marwan Hamdun, the General Manager of Sheba Hotel praised the UN Envoy during the event saying, “for the past few months, Jamal Ban Omer has done an extraordinary job for the people of Yemen and we wanted to thank him by hosting this dinner tonight with other diplomatic missions working in Yemen.”

Hamdun said the event was a great success as given what difficult times the country has faced. Hamdun also mentioned that with the new transition period, he hopes that the tourism sector will be revived and bring needed revenue into the country. Sheba hotel he notes, will be ready, “the team at Sheba Hotel is eager to serve its guest with passion and profession. In our hotel we feel happy to see safety and security are gradually returning to the country and this will help us to receive more guests after ten months of struggles.”

Sheba Hotel is located in the heart of the capital city of Sana’a, minutes away from the old city of Sam Bin Noah. With its luxury rooms and quality service, it looks forward to providing the hospitality for which Yemen is known for dating all the way back to Roman legend.

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  • I am happy that Sheba hotel hosts dinner party for Bin Omer and Sheba hotel did such kinds of things in past to get attention of people. If you have some photos of this party then kindly share with us because to join parties is my passion.