Ahmed Ali Meets Gulf Foreign Diplomats

National Yemen

Ahmed Ali Holds his Father President Saleh's Hand

By National Yemen

Republican Guard Commander Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh met with a number of GCC and foreign ambassadors this past Thursday in Sana’a to discuss the recent achievements ofthe Gulf Initiative as well as how to best ensure stability and security for the ongoing transition period.

Attendees at the meeting included ambassadors from the UN Security Council as well as from status such as the European Union, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Netherlands, and UAE Charges D’Affaires. All the attendees expressed their satisfaction with the political movements in the country — mainly the withdrawl of the Republican Guards, Central Security and other militias from Taiz.

During the meeting, attendees all expressed their belief that Ahmed Ali has the flexibility needed in order to carry out the Gulf Initiative. Ahmed Ali reaffirmed his commitment to the Initiative and its mechanisms of implementation to ensure the relief of Yemenis who have suffered for so long.

While diplomats have widely praised the recent political actions, Director of Strategic Intelligence, Reva Bhalla, cautions that there are still many more obstacles to address:

“All indicators so far point to Yemen’s political crisis settling out in the new year, but Yemen’s internal problems are still far from over. The country is still staggering economically and is extremely dependent on Saudi Arabia for its economic survival. Saudi Arabia has already pledged to finance whatever Yemen needs to hold itself together so as to avoid a bigger crisis on the Arabian Peninsula.”