Al-Wahayshi Killed by US Drone Attacks

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US Drone

By National Yemen

A US attack may have killed a Yemen Al-Qaeda leader’s relative. Residents in the town of Zinjibar in the southern province of Abyan said a drone had attacked a district of the town controlled by militants on Thursday evening.Eye witnesses said they saw the body of a man killed in the strike who was named Abdulrahman al-Wuhayshi. A security source said the man was a relative of Nasser al-Wuhayshi, a Yemeni who leads Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the joint Saudi-Yemeni branch of Al-Qaeda. Wuhayshi was once Osama Bin Laden’s personal aide in Afghanistan.

A local official confirmed there had been a drone attack but said he did not know who had been targeted. There was no word of any death of a leading militant on Islamist websites where Al-Qaeda often announces such news.

Abyan province saw an upsurge in fighting this week between government forces and Islamists, in which about 50 people were killed, mostly on the Islamist side, officials said.