Turkish Airlines Awards Its Distinguished Business Partners

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Group picture for the Turkish Airline Distinguished Business Partners for the year 2011

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Sana’a – On Thursday, December 22nd, the Turkish Airline office in Sana’a organized the first annual meeting with its travel and cargo agents. The meeting was organized to award distinguished business partners who have contributed to Turkish Airlines despite the challenging environment.

The meeting took place at Shahran Hotel in the presence of Mr. Serkan OZBUYUKYORUK, Turkish Airline Area Manager; Omer M. Omer, Deputy Chairman of Universal Travel Group; Mr. Haleem Aman, General Manager of Universal Travel Group; along with the Deputy Ambassador of the Turkish Embassy and employees of the Turkish Airlines agencies for travel, tourism and cargo.

The event started with a speech by Mr. Serkan OZBUYUKYORUK who praised all the attendees and described the status of Turkish Airlines in Yemen and throughout the world. His speech in its entirety is as follows:

Yemen has been through a lot lately. The country was unstable and full of uncertainty. Luckily, however, we have partners like you all. Your support of our services has been instrumental to our success despite such challenging times.

Accordingly, we are holding this ceremony specifically for you all, to recognize you all for your efforts and it also gives us a chance to express our sincere gratitude for what you have done. We want you to know that we truly appreciate your business and support. We also want to thank all of our partners for their continuous, steadfast, support.  

Turkish Airlines is extremely pleased with the strong work of its sales partners here in Yemen. I believe that this ceremony will help spur you all to do more.

Yemen represents an interesting business model for us at Turkish Airlines. Online booking, and e-debit transactions for travel are still in an infant stage. Thus, customers still rely on the expertise and consulting that travel agents, such as yourselves, offer on various experiences and destinations. You all are the experts who understand the distinct needs of Yemeni customers and their corporate clients.

We have witnessed unprecedented developments throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and in Yemen. During this critical time, Turkish Airlines has forged ahead and erected crucial bridges of transportation and logistics for Yemen, as well as the rest of the region. This could only be possible due to our strong fleet, cargo capacity and streamlined operations. It is no surprise then that Turkish Airlines carried a significant portion of the travel throughout the region which was recognized throughout the world.

At Turkish Airlines, we are, and will always continue to be, at the service of the Yemen and its citizens, or anywhere else we are needed on this planet.

To grow and prosper through such challenging times, our motto of safety has lit the way. We can proudly say that we never compromise in safety, regardless of the circumstances. Our deep efforts to ensure safety on every flight of Turkish Airlines is represented by our decision to change our flight schedule from night time to day time throughout the last three months.

To conclude, I want to express my warmest congratulations to all the award winners, and say that you all serve as an inspiration to all of us at Turkish Airlines. At the end of the part Mr. OZBUYUKYORUK and his staff made raffle draw in which three lucky winners win free ticket Sana’a Istanbul Sana’a.

TK Brief Story;

Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s national flag carrier was founded in Ankara on May 20, 1933 under the name of “State Airlines Administration” and started its operations depending on Ministry of Defense. In 1955, it was restructured into “Turkish Airlines”. 25% of the company is sold under the privatization program in 2005. Today 49.1 % of the company is owned by Privatization Administration and the rest of the shares are on free float.

Turkish Airlines, one of the fastest growing airline companies of Europe has put signature to the record by new routes and joined Star Alliance on April 1st, 2008.

Turkish Airlines, with fleet consisted of 177 aircraft (passenger and cargo); organize flights to total 190 points including 148 in international and 42 domestic lines. Thus, Turkish Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance network which was established in 1997. Overall, the Star Alliance network offers 21,200 daily flights to 1185 destinations in 185 countries.

Turkish Airlines, which acts with the awareness and responsibility of being flag carrier of Turkey, regards flight safety and service quality as its two indispensable items. For this reason, it continues its studies for flight safety and service quality without any interruption. Of these studies by the evaluation of Skytrax; Our Company which has the title holder of four stars airlines actually; keeps going on studies in order to get the degree of 5 stars airlines.

With the awareness of the responsibility given by the mission of being a pioneer undertaken by Turkish Airlines, the airline is determined to carry its leader identity in the sector forward. Furthermore it maintains its target of becoming regional leader and a global airlines company prominent in Europe which is preferred for its service quality, trustworthiness and competitive power.

In addition to Europe, Turkish Airlines has also strategic network expansion into the Russia, Central Asia, Far East Asia, Middle East, Africa and North and South America. One of the fastest growing airlines in the world, Turkish Airlines holds a strategic position between East and West around the globe.

Turkish Airlines also won SkyTrax Award for the Best Airline in Southern Eurpope on April 2, 2009. Turkish Airlines achieved a great success by winning the “Skytrax World Aviation Award 2009” known as the Oscar of Aviation industry.

Turkish Airlines wins SkyTrax Award for the “Best Airline in Southern Europe” as the airline achieved the same great success last year.

One of the fastest growing airline company, Turkish Airlines received several awards by Skytrax which is known as “Passengers Choice Awards” and marked its name in the world aviation industry. According to the results of the evaluation 2011, Turkish Airlines has been chosen as the winner of the 3 categories, “Best Airline Europe”, “Best Premium Economy Seats” for its Comfort Class seats and “Best Airline Southern Europe”.


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