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Politicians in South Affirm Commitment to Dialogue

National Yemen

symposium organized by the Youth Union of Front Inquiry of Aden

National Yemen

In Aden, politicians said that the southern issue would be resolved through dialogue, and not through the dominance of one faction. The joint statement came at the conclusion of a symposium organized by the Youth Union of Front Inquiry of Aden last Wednesday.

At the conference, Saleh Sail, General Secretary of the Youth Union, discussed how dialogue is an essential key towards understanding amongst the population in southern Yemen. He said that unity is not a reality, but a trap, where each side waits to take over the other.
Shaikh Amar Bin Nashir said the dialogue is a duty by law, Sharia law, and national interest.
“Dialogue and acceptance of others is the alternative of violence, conflicts and a culture of hatred. Our religion forces us to use the path of dialogue and those in the right will win in the end,” said Bin Nashir.

In the same conference, Al-Yaquob called all those who carried guns, like the Houthies, Salafies, Abyen militants, to participate in dialogue and accept the results of the recent revolution. He also called for comprehensive and national conciliation based on giving back stolen property as well as justice for both northern and southern Yemenis who were victims of the recent lawlessness.