Yemen to Where?

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Yemen Like the land cruiser in the desert

By National Yemen

The Information and Training Center for Human Rights will organize a national conference, “Yemen to Where: Towards Building a Modern Yemen” from January 23-24, 2012, in Cairo.

The conference will bring together many from the Yemeni community to disc how they can overcome the political, economic, social and security challenges within the context of the demands of the youth revolution.

Different groups of youth, politicians, businessmen, and intellectuals are expected to participate in the conference.

An official source in the HRITC in Cairo said that the goal of the conference is to revive the ethics of the revolution as Yemen lays the foundation for its future. To do so, the conference will focus on how to build a modern state, new political formations, the role of youth in the upcoming political process, the role of the military, and other political changes.

Additionally, the conference will offer an economic vision for Yemen through the presentation of different papers. The conference, organizers hope, will become the starting point for civil society as its role grows in shaping Yemen’s future.

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