Saudi Arabia to Continue Fuel Donation to Yemen

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Oil crises remain challenge for some people in Yemen

National Yemen

Saudi Aramco will continue to donate fuel to Yemen in February, industry sources said, as the company looks to buy at least two shipments of petrol with at least one to be delivered to Yemen.
The impoverished southern neighbour of Saudi Arabia is reliant on fuel imports from abroad and donations as its main refinery has been shut for almost two months following consecutive blasts on its primarly oil pipeline.

“Aramco is looking to deliver one shipment into Jeddah or Rabigh, and the other one to Yemen,” a Gulf-based source said, adding that the company will probably end up buying more.
“At least two more cargoes for sure,” he said.

Saudi Arabia has been seeking fuel from the market to donate to Yemen, sources said last month.
The donation also coincides with a time when Aramco would need to increase its petrol imports as its Riyadh refinery has been partially shut for maintenance.