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200 graves found in rock-cut tombs in Yemen

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Yemen-Al-Mahweet graveyards

National Yemen

Mummified bodies were found in Yemen’ s northwestern province of Al-Mahweet as archaeologists discovered 200 ancient rock-cut tombs in the area, the state news agency Saba reported Monday.

“A recent survey on the ancient areas in Al-Mahweet led to the discovery of 200 rock-cut tombs wherein the mummified bodies were found,” Mohamed Qasim, head of the General Authority for Antiquities and Museums’ Al-Mahweet branch, was quoted as saying.

The rock-cut tombs were found at the ruins of the ancient districts of Shibam Kawkaban, Al-Rujom, Milhan, Hufash, Bani Saad, and Al-Tawila.

In some burial niches in the tombs, which were cut in sandstones high in the mountains, more than 1,000 artifacts dating back to around 300 B.C. were discovered, according to the official.