Marches Held in Yemeni Cities to Reject Early Elections

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Hirak rejects early Presidential Election

BY NY Staff.

Al-Naqaa City of the Ghail Bawazeer directorate witnessed demonstrations of hundreds of people who marched throughout the city. Similar, demonstrations were held in Al-Ghail, Shaheer, Al-Saddaa, and Al-Qarra.

The ceremony in Al-Naqaa started with a crowded march that started from the city entry and walked through a number of  different streets of the city. Carrying the flags of south and photos for  the former President  Al-Beedh and the leading figure Ba-awm, people repeated some revolutionary slogans demanding dependence, dismissals of unity, and  other slogans rejecting the coming elections.

The ceremony began with recitations of the Hoy Quar’an by Mr. Majed Baaees. After that, speeches were delivered by different figures starting with Head of the Southern Movement in Al-Naqaa City, Mohammed Mubarak BaFadhl. His speech was followed by the speech of the Secretary General of the Council, Salem Haitar.

Demonstrators in Al-Naqaa City ended the protests by burning their election cards to represent their  disapproval for the elections to. Al- Naqaa city is considered to be the largest strongholds of the militant Al-Islah Party in the directorate of Ghail Bawazeer.

In a similar scene, another  mass march was organized in Al-Oyoon city by the Board of Youth and Students alongside the Peaceful Movement of the South on Friday afternoon. The march set out from the  Al-Noor mosque and then followed the main street of the city while raising the flags of south and photos for the two leaders: Al-Beedh and Baawm. People in the march chanted some southern revolutionary slogans refusing the elections and stressing their independence and freedom.

The march was attended by prominent leaders of the southern movement in Hadramout governorate led by the Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Bama’alam, the Board of Youth and Students, Mr. Mohammed Al-Tawi of the Board of Youth and Students, as well as some Shiekhs of Hadramout tribes that participated in the march held in the general square in the middle of the market. The demonstration began with recitation from the Holy Qura’an after which a speech was delivered on the name of the southern movement that welcomed the leaders of Youth and Students Board in Hadramout governorate . In addition the speeches emphasizing the refusal of  the elections and pushing the demonstrators to fight the elections in every possible way.

Later on, a speech was delivered by Shiekh Ahmed Mohammed Bamaalam who firstly welcomed the tribal sheikhs of Hadramout governorate and then went through the struggles of Hadramout people during the history of Yemen. He also warned people from the coming elections and thanked the tribes of Hadramout for protesting it. Then he thanked the great efforts done by President Salem Al-Beedh to break the silence of the media disclosing on the issue of the southern people and sought the support of the Arab and Islamic community for the southern case. At the end of the festival, poems were delivered that motivate the audience and was followed by burning the election cards to demonstrate their rejection of the election.