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Yemeni Youth Ready to Participate in Global Campaign


Wake Up Yemen

Saddam Al-Adwar- For National Yemen

A number of youth activist and volunteers are preparing to launch the Call for Awareness Campaign in Yemen in conjunction with the international campaign that carries the same slogan. The international campaign was launched at the World Youth Summit in Switzerland last September. Yemen was represented by a number of youth activist worked with representatives of over 100 countries around the world who agreed unanimously to initiate a global campaign.

As a result of this decision, on February 1st thousands of people from around the world will send the a unified message of “This is a Call for Awareness” to establish a movement of cooperation and peace that will lead to an international change on February 1st.

This international campaign will be launched on the same day that Yemen will be celebrating its unprecedented transfer of power.. Accordingly, the participating youth activists intend to send a strong message to the new President and the Government of National Reconciliation, Central Forces, accounting sectors, civil society organizations and decision makers. They will have certain demands that include reconsidering the policy of institutions and centers and their functions, providing a real transparent and regulatory system for the institutions, creating a law for civil society organizations, monitoring the performance of the centers, and establishing a special prosecutor of corruption that works alongside the head offices of Yemeni institutions. They will also advocate to establish special courts for the institutions to reduce length of handling case files  in order to contribute to the speed in which decisions are made. In addition, they will advocate  to initiation of a new mechanism for the functions of institutions aside from the Representatives Council and Council of Ministers as well as demand to reduce the supervision of the presidency on all these mechanisms.

The campaign coordinator in Yemen, Abdullah Al-Maisari stated that the campaign’s targeted groups include all political, economists, social and other individuals who are harming the public interest.  Talking about the strategy of the campaign, Al-Maisari said participants in each country will focus on one of the vital institutions in the country that commit serious abuses such as corruption, bribery and injustice. They will protest various policies of these institutions by using the tools they have to following different methodologies. These tools include peacefully protesting in front of the institutions, launching campaigns in the internet, organizing on social networking like Face book and Twitter, as well as creating and spreading videos. Al-Maisari stated that the campaign has started its media related activities and its efforts will be beginning on  February 21st. According to him, the campaign will have strong media support and will help send the send a unified message throughout the world.