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Saleh to return back home

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President Saleh before he flys to US

By NY Staff

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, has said he will return to the country before the election take place to install his successor is finished. Sale surprises the local and international community with his statement, he raises concerns about his commitment to the peace deal that would end out  his 33 years in power.

Saleh is currently in the United State receiving treatment for injuries he sustained during an assassination attempt last year during Friday prayer June 3rd, at al-Nahdyen mosque within the presidential palace tertiary.

 “ I will return  to the homeland after the end of my treatment to be presented during the election” Saleh said in a statement posted on the Yemeni Defense Ministry’s website on Tuesday.

The development came after an hour of his deputy Abdu-Rabbu Hadi lunched officially his presidential campaign. Hadi is the only candidate and he is expected to be rubberstamped.

Hadi is facing difficulties to achieve the goal of moving the country into the safe side to end one year of protest against Saleh. Lately group of youth challenged on the legitimacy of Hadi as the only candidate for the upcoming Presidential election in Yemen, while the case on the court the election process is going to happened.

The American Ambassador to Sana’a Mr. Gerald M. Feierstein said  on Wednesday 8th, that his country will not allow Saleh to return to the country before 21st of Feb.