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Al-Beid Calls Hadrammis to Reject Presidential Elections

National Yemen

Hirak Movement protest for separation

By NY Staff

Ali Salam Al-Beid the ex-Deputy President of Yemen called for Hadrammies to reject the upcoming presidential elections. Al-Beid also praised the establishment of the popular authority that called for a massive rally next Thursday that will serve as the first popular message to reject the presidential referendum.

Al-Beid made a telephone call to Abdul-Aziz Ba-Hashwan, Executive Chairman of the Popular Authority and told him him and the local CSO’s in Hadhramout to reject the presidential referendum. In his call he said the election will lengthen the age of unity and his message must be spread out to all southern governorates.

Accordingly, the authority called upon the people of Hadramout to participate on the rally of southern martyrs this Saturday and urged them to reject the presidential referendum next Thursday.

Similarly, Dr. Saleh Ba-Roubaid said that the Presidential election is a readymade play prepared by the Arab and international community against the interest and rights of the southern people. In his speech Ba-Roubaid insisted in boycotting the Presidential elections.