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Al-Houthi Rejects American Ambassador Statement

National Yemen

Mr. Gerald M. Feierstein

By NY Staff

Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s media office rejected the statement of the American Ambassador to Sana’a Mr. Gerald M. Feierstein made on Yemeni satellite channel regarding the upcoming election.

More specifically, the Houthi statement denied the Mr. Feierstein claim that he met with the representatives of the Houthis  and that they agreed to participate in the elections. He said the speech of the ambassador is not true and did not happened at all. Furthermore, the statement said that they reject any type of behavior by foreign entities that encroach on Yemen’s sovereignty and independence.

Accordingly, the Houthi statement referred to Mr. Feierstein’s actions as political marketing with the intention to mislead media in order to pass the American plan that was forced on the people of Yemen.

The statement then clarified the position of the Houthi’s is to boycott the elections and will not put pressure against anyone as it is a play between political parties – not genuine democratic actions.