EU to Mobilize Experts for Presidential Election

National Yemen

Abdu-Rabbu M.Hasi

By NY Staff

The EU fully supports the transition process in Yemen and the early Presidential elections on February 21. These elections will allow Yemen to turn a new page in its history and to engage in a two year transition process, which aims at carrying out a comprehensive national dialogue and drafting a new constitution that shall respond to the legitimate demands of the Yemeni people.

 The elections will provide an opportunity for the Yemeni people to vote for a new Yemen and to express their support to the peaceful transfer of power and the political transition process.

 The EU and its member states are the most important donors for the elections and will provide 7 million EUR to support the electoral process. Furthermore, the EU will mobilize an Electoral Expert Mission (EEM) with independent experts to provide a comprehensive assessment of the electoral framework in Yemen. The EU has also provided funding for training of substantial number of domestic observers as well as specific initiatives for local monitoring which will contribute to the transparency and quality of the early Presidential elections.

 EU Embassies will closely follow up the elections and call on all Yemeni parties to act in good faith to ensure that the Yemeni people are able to exercise their democratic right to vote.