Hadi: Yemen’s Next Great Leader?

By Fakhri al-Arashi

As Hadi, the new face of modern Yemen, counts the days before the election, the international community and population of Yemen locally and internationally are counting with him as they hope his election will end the nightmare of the past year. February 21st is not far from now, and its new president should develop a wise strategy to ensure the country’s safety and his own legacy.

Hadi has been fortunate to gain the trust of everyone and truly deserves to see his patience and diplomatic action transferred into a reality that will guide 25 million Yemeni’s to a better future.

The streets of Sana’a and the entire country are marked with “Yes for Hadi” signs. The  leaflets, brochures, print, newspaper and huge billboard  are making the Presidential campaign feel real despite that he is the only candidate.

With all the propaganda of the election focused on Hadi, there is a growing fear that he will become the target of an assassination. His death is highly interested in the few who want to pull the country into chaos or settle personal vendettas.

Every average Yemeni hopes that this will not happen and they wish for his safety, and the safety of Yemen’s future. In order to move beyond the past and personal disputes, Yemen must say yes to Hadi, and we should work hand in hand with him to move towards a brighter future the country. However, Hadi himself must also commit to building a country that serves the interest of every Yemeni to ensure a better future for Yemen.

Yemen’s history is defined by charismatic leaders such as King Shamr Ya Hara’ash, Saif Bin Thy-Yazan, Imam Yahya Hamid Adeen,  Imam Ahmed, President Ibrahim Al-Hamdi, President Abdul Fatha Ismeal along with Ali Abdullah Saleh and Ali Salem Al-Beid. All these leaders faced, and overcame insurmountable challenges during their time. Now we will count the days until February 21st and beyond to see if Hadi can join such a venerable list of names.