President Saleh to Return on 18th of February?

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By NY Staff

A Yemeni official, who refused to say his name due to the sensitivity of the matter, said that President Ali Abdullah Saleh will leave the United States on February 18th. However, the source did not say where he would go to.

The same sources denied the news that Saleh is intending to move into another hotel because of the troubles and pressure he is facing from Yemeni activists as well as American and international media that are following his steps.

President Saleh had a chance to meet with a Yemeni community in New York and informed them that he will return before the Yemeni Presidential election and lead his party.

Also, a statement released on the Yemeni Defense Ministry’s website quoted Saleh as saying, “I will return to the homeland after the end of my treatment to be present during the election.”

The American Ambassador to Sana’a Mr. Gerald M. Feierstein said this past Wednesday that his country would not allow Saleh to return to the country before the elections.

 The developments of Saleh’s return came only hours after his deputy Abdu-Rabbu Hadi officially launched his presidential campaign. Hadi is the only candidate in the election on February 21st.

 Hadi is facing difficulties to achieve the goal of moving the country forward after one year of protest against Saleh. Recently, the youth movement challenged Hadi’s legitimacy as the only candidate for the upcoming Presidential election in Yemen.

 Saleh is currently in the United State receiving treatment for injuries that he sustained during an assassination attempt last year at the Presidential Palace.