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A Young Yemeni Man Challenges Yemen’s Constitution, Crisis and Runs for President

National Yemen

Ebrahim al-Sharif

By NY Staff

My name is Ebrahim Al-Sharif and I am 26 years old. I have not been a part of any judicial rulings or acts of indecency. I have wide experiences and expertise and extensive knowledge of Yemen. More importantly, I am a revolutionist that doesn’t stop in the change or freedom squares, but continues on to fulfill the dreams of Yemeni youth that were stolen by Yemen’s government.

Accordingly, I want to participate in politics using unconditional rules as opposed to seeking political party affiliation or a false dependency of government institutions, national or international.

I am highly critical the lack of youth involvement through out government decision-making processes. It is shameful that youth do not even have an undersecretary in any ministry to represent the youth and their issues. Also, it is not fair to allow people who are not youth to represent them, as they do not understand their challenges or ambitions. Youth in Yemen represent 79% of the population, with the remaining 21% either children or 40 years or older. Yet, it is the minority of Yemen’s population that is controlling the future with Yemen’s national debate.

Being Yemeni, I am aware enough to know that the youth of Yemen are not stupid, lazy or unqualified to lead the country. We started a peaceful revolution, and raised Yemen’s flag higher nationally and internationally. Youth must be given the chance to lead as they have a clear vision for the future without corruption and nepotism. As such, we deserve to lead and not be controlled without freedom.

As a result of this, I strongly reject the section of our constitution that sets the rules for the election as the minority set them. Instead, all people, not just another monarchy, should create it.

My campaign slogan is HONESTY, meaning: no manipulation of public money, second applications of the law, and finally putting the right people in the right, decision-making positions because educated people have been marginalized for too long.

I am completely ready to appear in a debate with Vice President Abdo Rabo Mansour Hadi, the consensus candidate by both the ruling party and opposition. The debate should be held publically on all Yemeni media channels so the whole Yemeni community can decide who is better for taking Yemen to the safer side. Hadi, would you be brave and accept my challenge, or do you believe that you are someone that is untouchable and uncaring about the needs of Yemen’s people?

I have survived and will continue to stay with Yemeni youth in the squares until our demands are met because I believe that the government neglects youth rights and demands; thus depriving youth of their expectations. More damaging, the government granted immunity for the enemy of the youth. Those who were widowed, oppressed and marginalized under the whole regime will not feel comfort until Saleh is tried.

My desire is to become Yemen’s next president and this is irreversible. Despite the presence of all the constitutional difficulties and touch choices ahead, I believe that now is the time for real change – enough is enough.

I am from an ordinary family that has suffered a lot. However, my family has been doing their best to create a better future from themselves. I have been working since I was ten years old as an elementary school student. I went on to hold several administrative positions in different areas. With my work experience, I have worked with the rich, as well as the poor, and through these experiences I have discovered the meaning of happiness and pain.

It has been my honor to enter the world of politics, administration, community service, journalism, photography, design, graphic design, aviation systems, information technology, tourism and intercultural dialogue. I have also enjoyed many experiences, trainings, awards and conference opportunities in the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.

These experiences have sharpened and refined my skills significantly. I do not claim any perfection that comes with Allah, but I am a human who learns, struggles, fights, and then succeeds.

Turkish and Kuwaiti Prime Ministers as well as the Arab League have honored me and UN as my work has been featured locally and internationally.

My record as a person only in his mid-twenties is better than any record of any president that ruled Yemen in their forties. This is because I am aware exactly of the problems and challenges my country faces and what are the solutions for them. I have suffered first-hand from the systematic corruption in Yemen and from the consequences of the international media that threatens Yemen’s future.

My family members and I are ordinary citizens who do not have a car, a house, or other luxuries. However, we have achievements that have made us proud, strong citizens that can contribute to the renaissance of our country. I also thank Allah as I neither chew qat nor smoke cigarettes.

While I have served as an ideal cultural ambassador for my country, I now am contributing to the youth’s demands in order to rebuild Yemen. That is, a new Yemen without injustice, favoritism, illiteracy, marginalization, nor political or tribal conflicts. A new Yemen will have respect for human rights, encourage youth involvement in building the country, and become a country that will be created by its entire people.

I have visited and worked in most cities and villages of Yemen to get to know their inhabitants and their ancient history and people who speak five languages and many dialects. I didn’t waste time having fun, but invested my time in working, studying, thinking and helping his father meet his family’s needs. I live in a rented home, but it does not diminish my pride or self-satisfaction. My siblings are educated and some of them have a great record of international achievements.

My journalist articles are brave and I always seek freedom and human rights, as my writing will get him the same result of President Ibrahim Al-Hamdia.