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Ba-Sondowa: Change in Yemen is Inevitable Basondowa: Change in Yemen is Inevitable

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Yemeni Prime Minister Mohammed S. Ba-Sandawa

By NY Staff

Mohammed Basondowa, the Prime Minister of the Government of National Reconciliation stated that change in Yemen is real and inevitable. His comments came during a speech delivered at a graduation ceremony held at the Faculty of Science at Sana’a Univeristy on Thursday.

During the speech, he called for strong participation in the upcoming elections on February 21st. He stressed the importance of a transition into a civil country in which citizens will be blessed with security, stability and prosperity. Keeping the unity of the country is the only way to have a stable Yemen, he added.

Basondowa expressed his belief that the future will be much better and that the government will do its best to rebuild Yemen.

“We will get it back to the right way and build a new Yemen that benefits all citizens rather than just a few individuals and families,” said Basondowa.

Emphasizing the important rule of cooperation, Basondowa said that the Yemeni people are able to build a better Yemen and that God helps only those who help themselves.

“We should consider the interest of Yemen as a whole country rather than just personal interests and that our loyalty must only be given to Yemen,” he added.