The Yemeni Revolution

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By Bilal Ahmed Homran

The Yemeni people should not and will not suffer in the interest of one person and his family.  The Yemeni people have gone out to demand a new way of life.  When a society is burdened with oppression the only result is chaos. So many faces that used to hold smiles have turned into frowns of anger and frustration.  The Yemeni people have gone out to the streets for a little over a year now in peaceful protest.  Yemen’s protests were ignored by the international community ignored the fact that hundreds of innocent women and children were slaughtered by the current regime and its supporters when the world accepted President Saleh’s immunity.

I have walked the streets of the unrest in Yemen.  I have seen blood, and lives that have drifted into mere existence.   Dead bodies in Sana’s change square field hospital will forever be entrenched in the hearts of many and mine. I know that such cruelty has not met its fate.  I am certain that within time many will realize today’s wrongs and they will eventually become the lessons of tomorrow.

I find myself wondering day after day why this revolution has failed to accomplish its main goal of ousting the current regime and its inner circle.  I have come to the conclusion that President Saleh’s government is still controlling parts of Yemen.  But for most Yemenis, he has lost the hearts of his people.  As I drove around the Yemeni capital Sana’a during my trip in the Fall of 2011, I could see that the government only controls a portion of the city streets.  Sana’a at the time of my visit was scattered into different enclaves of power between different tribes and governmental forces split in two.

President Saleh has decided that his own interest is above the interests of a peaceful and prosperous Yemen.  The current economic instability is proof that he is using the power that he still has to dismantle a nation of its integrity and livelihood.

Yemenis must strive for liberty without blood in their hands.  If Yemeni hands are soaked with blood, I will never shake it.  I will never allow myself to accept it as the new norm. The revolutionaries must not follow the wrongs of the current regime they hope to dismantle.  At the end of the day we are all Yemenis. Thankfully the average Yemeni has remained peacefully protesting in the streets across the Yemeni nation.

The Yemeni people, and nation as a whole, should rid of the few terrorists that remain in Yemen.   For they have had some unprecedented achievements during the void in authority.   Terrorism is an ideology that has taken the hearts of many vulnerable people in the region.  It has been a way of thought and a belief that cannot be debated.  Many people are forced to believe that martyrdom is the killing of innocent people.  This is wrong and has been created by the problems of our day.  This belief that if you kill an innocent soul one will be rewarded a great after life in paradise disgusts me.  War is wrong in all its forms.

Yes, the current revolution might not succeed in all its goals but at least the Yemeni people have allowed themselves to realize that they have a right to question and demand answers from their government. This revolution has taught Yemenis that they should not fear government. Government should fear its people, for it works for them.

Yemen is at a dangerous crossroad in its history.  The Yemeni people have gone out to the streets in demand for a free Yemen: a Yemen where equality and Justice is a right not a privilege.  The road ahead for the Yemeni nation is difficult.  Production and discovering new forms of managing human and the remaining natural resources will help Yemen in this tough time.  I am just hoping a leader will rise from outside the inner circle of the current regime and answer the call to serve. I am hoping for a peaceful transfer of power.  I am hoping for no more blood to be shed.

Yemen is a very poor nation surrounded by rich oil nations. Security is a very important issue for all bordering nations of Yemen. It is in their interest that the ongoing political unrest in Yemen is solved quickly and as peaceful as possible.

We as a human species must learn how to live together peacefully without causing others harm.  There is no need for all of this wrongdoing in our world.

This conflict frustrates me because we as a human species have failed to come to a final resolution to many of the problems that have arisen in our day.  I am disgusted at the United Nations and the Arab League for failing in their mandate to promote peace. As I have stated time and time again our world today does not need organizations to solve our problems but leaders that can answer the call to lead.

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