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Who is Abdu-Rubbo Mansour Hadi?

National Yemen

Deputy President Abdu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi

Abdu-Rubbo Mansour Hadi, or Abdurrahman Mansour Hadi 61old was born inDhakeenVillage, Al-Wadhe’ Directorate, Abyan Governorate on 1st of May 1945. He is married and have five  children: two girls and three boys.  In 1964 he graduated from “Army of Mahmeat Aden” Military School for training the sons of Federal Southern Army’s Officers. Hadi was sent to Britain where he enrolled in a military course for studying the military terms, then he joined another specialized military study for year and a half and through which he mastered the English Language and graduated in 1966. After graduation, he returned to Aden and then was sent again to Cairo for a specialized study on the corps of military tanks up till 1970. In 1976 he was sent to Russia to study the Command and Staff for four years. In the professional side, Hadi worked as a commander for armored division until independence in 1967 after which he assigned to be a commander for armored division in Al-Anad in the west access for south. Later, he obtained many positions such as: the Manager of the Armored Division School, the Staff General of Armored divisions, the Staff General of Military Academy and finally in this period he occupied the position of  the Director of the Training Department of the armed forces  In 1972 he moved to Al-Dhali and was appointed to be the vice of the Karash base leader and then he became the leader himself. He was a member of the Ceasefire Commission, and Chairman of the Military Committee after the war with the north part of Yemen. Hadi then settled in Aden as director of management training in the army while keeping his duty in administratively helping the Chief of General Staff. After President Salem Rabie Ali fall and after Abdulfattah Ismail assumed presidency, he became the head of military logistic and supply Department. He kept his position even when the President Abdulfattah was removed from power and his successor Ali Naser Mohammed assumed presidency the period during which a bloody fight between south and north took place. In 1983 he was promoted to the rank of Vice Chief of Staff for Logistics Affairs and Administration group assigned to organizing and constructing administration in the army. In this time, he was the Chairman of  Negotiation Committee for arms sales with the Soviet and the chairman of the committee specialized for building new military brigades. He fled with a number of military brigades to the north and worked with his friends to reorganize the brigades. He divided them into seven brigades and worked with authorities in the north to arrange their positions financially and administratively and named them as the Yemeni Unity. Hadi stayed in the north until the date of unity 1990 and then was appointed to be the commander of Al-Badha’a axis. He participated in the war of 1994. A presidential decree appointed him the position of Defense Minister in May 1994 and then was promoted to be the Vice President of Ali Saleh.  Hadi was elected as the Vice President of the GPC party and the Chairman of Higher Committee for Celebrations. He gradually obtained different military positions starting from an officer in the southern Arab army in 1966 ending with the rank of Field Marshal in 2012.

In 2011, a presidential decree was issued and was given the full authority of the president to negotiate the Gulf Initiative, sing it and implement it. He was also given the right to call for early elections and form a government of national reconciliation along with inaugurating its members and other mechanisms included in the Gulf Initiative. He has a number of compositions one of which is the study of “Defense in the mountainous Areas in The Strategy of War” and through which he obtained the position of Staff General from Russia.