First Speech of President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi in Front of the Parliament

National Yemen

First Speech for Yemen New President Hadi

By National Yemen

Praise is due to Allah who helped us pass this difficult situation and move from desperation to hope and belief in a better Yemen. Dear prime minister, ministers, members of representatives’ house, members of Al-Shoora Council, ambassadors of neighboring countries and the envoy of United Nations, I stand here in this unprecedented event after the elections were successfully completed. The elections created a colorful scene by the Yemeni people who proved to the whole world their ability to overcome all hardships and crises they have been through in the last year.

 Here, I would like to send my greatest thanks to those who voted for me and to the election committee for doing their best to ensure a successful election. I know that winning the election does mean a big responsibility and I ask Allah to help me do and achieve what people want. In addition, I would like to pray to those who died and wish a fast recovery for all the injured.

Brothers and sisters, elections have been the bridge on which people walked towards the land of hope and stability. Now, it is the time for every single citizen to share in the responsibility of moving towards a bright future with hearts free of hatred and grudge. We have to free ourselves from the burdens of the past so we can reach great achievements that can never be made by chance or coincidence. It is known that a country will never develop unless all people work together towards a unified destination. Those who provide fake and false promises and those who want to be in power by force have no place in our country any more. The Yemeni people have decided their fate and power now is strengthened by public support and can never be doubted.

I am fully aware of what the coming two years require and what the complicated crisis requires me to do. As Yemen passed through a very difficult situation, it is in no need for additional conspiracies that may weaken it even more. The coming stage urges us to develop a new constitution that meets aspirations of public, build a strong country, and reactivate the institutions of the country. We are required to recruit the man power in the different aspects of life, provide security all around, rebuild the national economy, and make use of what Friends of Yemen will provide us with. It is crucial for us to solve the problems that greatly weakened Yemen and improve the quality of life. On this occasion, I would like to emphasize that we are to continue our war with Al-Qaeda and return displaced people to their homes.

What I have mentioned are just headlines for real problem with which we have to deal firmly or else, chaos will spread all over. I do appreciate and depend on your rule as representatives of the Yemeni people who have cast their votes that sent a message to the whole world that they are looking for change. The change must be the best the thing we all have to work for. You, representatives of the people, have to choose what is best for the citizens rather than what is best for the parties. We all have to remember that people will not accept weak or incomplete solutions and will no longer accept those who are trying to drag Yemen backwards.

I sincerely call upon everyone who has the power to look for change and look towards where we want to reach and define our ultimate goals.

I pray to Allah to help us all go towards a new future with our souls free of grudge and hatred. I want everyone to open a new page in the history of Yemen to build a new Yemen for all its citizens with no discrimination between them. Our minds should think of nothing but of how to do the best for our country and people.