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Howria Mashoor: Saleh’s Return is Not Welcome

National Yemn

Houwria Mashoor

By NY Staff

Speaking in an interview with Sawa FM, Minister of Human Rights Houwria Mashoor said that the return of Ali Saleh is not welcome because it may cause confusion in Yemen’s transition. Mashoor also added that his return agitates the youth of Yemen.

“It is preferred if he [Ali Saleh] stays away from the political scene right now. We are beginning to repair what was damaged and return rights to the oppressed,” Mashoor said.

Mashoor emphasized that Saleh is supposed to stay out of politics – a requirement of Saleh’s immunity for the violations he committed in the past.

Coming back as a Yemeni citizen, Mashoor noted, will never be truly possible for Saleh.

“He has been the Yemen’s president for 33 years and will be unable to accept himself as anything other than the president. By returning, Saleh will send indirect and direct messages to his supporters to interfere in every single issue of Yemen’s development,” Mashoor cautioned.

The minister has been warning people that those loyal to Saleh are still in control of most Yemeni institutions and will use their positions and influence to disrupt the transition.

Speaking on the Gulf Initiative, Mashoor said that “Yemeni citizens chose to move Yemen towards a new future. We are now in the second stage of the transitional process. Accordingly, all parties will be committed to the items of the Gulf Initiative.”

Concluding her interview, Mashoor told listeners that, “It is the right of the people to give power or take power from Saleh. It is the people who rebelled against Saleh and voted for Hadi – so there is no need for Saleh to return and transfer his power.”