President Saleh speech two days before installing Hadi President for Yemen

National Yemen

President Ali Abdullah Saleh

BY NY Staff

Praise to Allah, the Almighty, and peace upon his Prophet.

I would like to send all my regards to the people of Yemen — inside or outside Yemen.

I seized the chance for elections and call upon you to participate in this democratic right and vote for Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi. This event comes in the framework of what we adopted for the smooth and peaceful transition of power in order to remove our country and steadfast people from the bitter year long crisis. The crisis has hindered Yemen’s development process, spread terror among people, caused power outages, threatened the water supply, destroyed oil pipelines, disrupted security, created unjustified protests, and resulted in many kidnappings.

Lack of confidence and exacerbated mistrust led to the failure in responding to our truthful and sincere calls for national dialogue in order to create understanding and share power with no need to shed blood and destroy the country. We put the interest of the country above all other selfish interests of parties or people, because country must be above all.

Here, we reach this event in virtue of the Gulf Initiative and its mechanism with the hopes that it will achieve good things for Yemen and its people.

Dear citizens, I trust your ability and cooperation with all that may keep Yemen and its achievements safe, for you are people of faith and wisdom as our prophet has said.

I wish you can all overcome the pain and tragedies caused by this crisis for it touched and hurt every single person in this country. So, I call everybody to leave mistrust and start building trust with everyone around.

I call on you to have the confidence in the principle of consensus for it is necessary for all conflicting parts to overcome the past, to start working towards a new future and rebuild what the crisis has left behind with souls filled of hope and trust.

I trust the steadfast Yemeni people, who foiled all conspiracies against our blessed revolutions of September and October and the conspiracy to dismiss Yemen’s unity in the war of 1994. The Yemeni people won their free will and unity in revolution, and also foiled all plans supported with profane funds that caused the loss of lives of innocent people and soldiers who died doing their duty defending the security of Yemen. I pray to Allah to keep their souls and the souls of every Yemeni in paradise with prophets and martyrs.

People of Yemen, wherever you are, you have shown a great deal of patience and a legendary steadfastness during this crisis. We never wished to cause you the pain that never was realized by those who created the crisis.

The crisis resulted in creation of new political forces in a new time and on a new stage. These political parties are formed by the best of the Yemeni people who confronted conspiracies against the safety, unity and stability of Yemen.

Due to all of this, I am fully sure that you will take part in the election. By participating, you will have preserved the constitutional legitimacy on the free democratic road you chose — instead of coups and violence. On February 21st, you will be required to cast you votes for Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi to prove to the whole world that you are people of civilizations and glory.

I would like to take this chance and thank all the security forces that are working for the sake of the people and those who will never be related to a particular party or tribe as the forces of corruption and terrorism.

My thanks extend to the neighboring countries led by our brothers in the Saudi Arabia headed by King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. I thank them for all their efforts looking after the interests of Yemen.

My thanks is also due to for the General People Congress, its allies and all the independent powers for their attitudes and steadfastness in looking after the interest of people and the country. The GPC was always the creator of great achievements and historical turns since 1982 and will always be on the forefront of achieving what our people want and desire.

My fathers and mothers…

My brothers and sisters…

My sons and daughters…

I talk to you with an open ear and high trust that you will keep clinging to the principles that you held since the time of your ancestors. Revolution, republic, democracy and freedom are the main tenets of these principles. I would like to say farewell to power, which will be in mind forever as a burden rather than as a gift, and has allowed me to serve and support the Yemeni people. I will be with you as you always knew me, as a faithful citizen of his people and nation. I will keep doing my duty serving the country through working with GPC — the party of all Yemenis.