Speech of Ali Salem on the occasion of the Presidential election day

National Yemen

Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh (R) to Ali Salem al-Beid

By NY Staff

I would like to send you all my regards and congratulations on the occasion of the peaceful victory you achieved through sacrifice and efforts to stop the elections in the south. This is a great occasion to recognize all of your efforts and unity to protect your land. People of south, let’s also not forget on this occasion those who were killed by the tanks of invaders with cold blood in Aden, Luder, Hadramout, Shabwa, Al-Houta, and in every single place within pure southern land.

The victory you recorded on the day of February 21st will be a peaceful picture drawn by all of the people from all sectors of society and will be lionized in history, showing you as people who always defeated conspiracies.

So, congratulations to the brave and martyred people of the south on this occasion. May God bless you and bless your souls. We send kisses to those who are still defending the land of south, to those who were injured and to those who died for their freedom. Those who died are our sons who could precede us in getting to the squares of peaceful resistance and in dying for the sake of their country. Peace be upon all those who opened the gate for the southern victory and for those who are the fuel for the second revolution for freedom.

Today, in an unequal battle, you fight for your right while they fight for what is wrong.  You have the land while they have military might.  You have peaceful resistance while they have death and destruction. Despite all the power they have, you can win the battle for your rights.

Your peaceful message will carry your voice to the whole world and will break the Arab and international silence on your issue. You proved the fact that will of people can never be defeated. Their will is derived from the Holy Creator and from the power of right and from the legacy of heroic liberation of your ancestors who always rejected injustice and defeated invaders.

People in the streets and fields of the occupied south: As we congratulate you for your great victory during your peaceful liberation fight, we find this an occasion to send your peaceful pure message to the Arabic, Islamic and international organizations and to all conscious humans. We will loudly call them from the land of occupied south and will tell them that today our people could control their land of the Democratic Republic of Yemen and we will question them till when they will keep their unjustified silence towards our case.

The victory of our people sends a message of assurance to the Arabic, Islamic and international communities that will ensure them that their political interests will not be harmed and that people of the south are the best to fight terrorism and extremism. People of south fully realize the peaceful movements. And day by day, they prove the truth of their expectations and attitudes. The message of our victory also warns the international community that unity can never be imposed by force and oppression can never occur under the name of democracy. The failed and false elections should force the international community to admit the facts and support the will of liberty by people in the south.

Finally, I would like to thank all people of Aden, Lahj, Abyan, Shabwa, Hadramout and Al-Mahara for their great sacrifices and their heroic peaceful actions. I also want to thank those who withdrew from election halls and those who returned to south from the square of change in Sana’a. I pray to those who died rejecting the elections and those who were injured and I wish for all detainees to be freed.

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  • Dear Mr. Ali Salem ,
    pardon me and let me tell you that do not be such an idiot and opportunist. You were silent for the last 17 years, especially after the 94 war and never forget that you dealt with your people as if a shepherd of a goats cattle. You escaped and left your people for their fate and took a lot with you just like those now leaving. You are not an honest president to rule even the south side. and never dream that you ill be back again.