Two International Conferences Organized to Support Yemeni Economy

National Yemen

Minister of Planing Dr. Mohammed Al-Sa’adi

By NY Staff

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Dr. Mohammed Al-Sa’adi confirmed the preparations for two international conferences within the first half of 2012 to support the Yemeni economy.

Al-Sa’adi told Al-Hayah, a London newspaper, that the Friends of Yemen group, which was formed two years ago, will hold the first conference. According to Al-Sa’adi, the conference will be held in Al-Riyadh at the end of March or the beginning of April.  The second conference will be for a group of donors to discuss the strategic need for Yemen in the coming years and will be held in June.

The minister said the success of election would provide a strong incentive for Yemen to move on and for the donors to provide Yemen with the urgent help it needs. The elections will also encourage western and Arabian investments in the country.

Early next month, the ministry will complete a draft emergency plan for development and will be ready to discuss and approve it, the minister said. Al-Sa’adi added that the plan focus on urgent needs such as damaged public services — especially those related to power, water and oil supplies.

Sources in the Yemeni government also said the government will ask the donors to release over 3.7 billion dollars US in funds that have been frozen since launching the London Conference in 2006 that was allotted to fix the huge gap in the budget and protect the national currency.