Saleh Returns to Yemen

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The new President welcomes the old President

BY NY Staff

A spokesperson of the Yemeni Embassy in Washington said that former president Ali Saleh came back to Sana’a late on Friday after being treated in the United States.

Sheba channel confirmed that the Chairman of General People Congress returned to Sana’a early on Saturday and went directly to his house instead of going to the presidential house as expected.

While the channel that used to strongly support Saleh during the revolution called him for the first time as the Chairman of GPC, Al-Thawra state run newspaper continued addressing him as “President” Ali Saleh in the daily column Light Spot.

Previously when the photo of Ali Saleh was once removed from the state run newspaper, armed men broke into the building of the newspaper. The paper published an apology to Saleh on the first page of the next issue.

According to Reuters, Saleh has always been an ally of the United States. The former president went to the U.S.A to receive treatment after the assassination attempt last year. Reuters stated that Saleh has officially lost power on Yemen after the election of a sole candidate in which the Yemeni people voted for Hadi to be the future president.

Saleh’s arrival was not without complications. Oman refused to receive Saleh at the air port unless it gets an approval from Gulf countries and U.S.A. Saleh was previously advised to stay out of Yemen up till three months ahead to allow for stability in Yemen.