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6 Egyptians Deported for Trying to Join Al-Qaeda


Yemen security

BY NY Staff

Six Egyptians were arrested and deported by the Yemeni authorities two weeks ago after being caught trying to join Al-Qaeda in the south of Yemen.

An official source said to Al-Masri Today,that the authorities arrested the six Egyptians as soon as they arrived at Aden airport on a flight from Saudi Arabia. The authorities successfully suspected that they were trying to join Al-Qaeda in the southern governorate of Abyan. According to the sources, the Yemeni authorities deported the Egyptians after contacting the Egyptian Consulate in Aden.

The Egyptian Ambassador in Sana’a, Ashraf Aql, refused to talk about specifics but confirmed that the embassy deported some Egyptians who were security risks.

The ambassador also told Al-Masri Today that 200 Egyptians were deported throughout 2011 for illegally trying to enter Yemen through Saudi Arabia. “Though the law stipulates that they should be sentenced to two years in jail, I agreed with the officials in Egypt to only fine then $250 US,” Aql added.

According to the ambassador, thousands of Egyptians live in Yemen, most of whom work as teachers and some are married to Yemeni women. Some Egyptians left Yemen during the Yemeni uprising.

Ashraf stated that Egyptians problems in Yemen are mainly limited to family disputes, employment and salaries. Sometimes, Egyptians are deported when they are accused of security issues, he added.

It is worth mentioning that fishing boats illegally entering the territorial water of Yemen is the problem that faces Egyptians the most. According to the Egyptian Ambassador, two fishing boats were recently seized in the Yemeni territorial waters. They were thereafter released and sent back to Egypt, the ambassador said.

In regards to Egyptian and Yemeni relations, Aql stated that there is a supreme committee between the two sides that is led by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Fazia Abu Al-Naja. Faiza Abu Al-Naja will be working with the Yemeni Minister of Industry. The ambassador stated that the difficult circumstances the two countries passed through hindered the meeting of the committee last year.

“We hope it will be conducted this year as we should never forget the exchanged feeling of love and respect between Yemenis and Egyptians,” said the ambassador.

I am not sure whether it is a newspaper, channel or a web site. MOSTLY, it is a newspaper.

That’s fine…the “Today” gives it a strong impression that it is an official news source, and that’s all that needs to be known.