AKF, YEEF Celebrate the Graduation of 144 Trainees

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AKF, YEEF Celebrate the Graduation of 144 Trainees

By NY Staff

The Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development (AKF) and Yemen Education for Employment Foundation (YEEF) organized a graduation ceremony for the  144 AKF trainees. This included 98 technicians of the Al-Rowad program.

Chairman of YEFE’s board and chairman of AKF, Alwan Al-Shaibani explained that the activities of the two foundations were not affected by the protests Yemen witnessed over the past year.

“Our activities were never suspended as we believe that man is the appropriate key for changing the realities of our people towards a better life,” Al-Shaibani said.

He added that programs prepared by the two foundations for youth are not only designed to expand their cognitive and scientific skills, but also instill “good perceptions and values and social morals and promote the good treatment of family and community.”

Youth who take part in the programs will also acquire the skill of time management, including support to give up bad habits that waste time, harm health and fragment society.

“The Success program is designed to give the trainees self-confidence and the abilities to encounter challenges with a positive spirit,” he said.

For his part, Mukhtar Al-Saqqaf, General Manager of Al-Khair Social Development Foundation, said that the two foundations cooperated to achieve their goals and approaches charitable support for individuals and society with the aim of improving education and combating poverty and unemployment.

“The two foundations focus on providing trainees with courses to improve their abilities and cognitive capacities, their living standards and serving their families and societies,” Al-Saqqaf said.

Both the Executive Director of YEEF, Yasser Al-Saidi, and Dr. Labeeb Shaher, Taiz Branch Manager, said they are seeking to expand their programs to cover other governorates such as Lahj, Abyan and Dhala to target more youths.

Graduates of the foundations delivered speeches during the ceremony in which they expressed their thanks to the two foundations. During the ceremony, the graduates were awarded and granted work equipment presented by AKF and supported by the Community Livelihood Project (CLP) of USAID.