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Dr. Nu’maan: Restructuring the Army Must Precede National Dialogue

National Yemen

Dr. Yaseen Saeed Nu’maan

By NY Staff

Dr. Yaseen Saeed Nu’maan, a leader in the JMP, stressed the importance of restructuring the Army to achieve the desires of youth in the change and freedom squares across Yemen. According to him, restructuring the army should be the primary focus, even before the issues related to the economy, unemployment and national dialogue.

The General Secretary of Socialist party, Mr. Nu’maan stated that restructuring army means unifying the security and investigation sectors and unifying the army under the Ministry of Defense. This will then create a better environment for National Dialogue, he added.

In regard to the National Dialogue, Nu’maan said that President Hadi should form a preparatory committee after communicating with all sides. The mission of the committee will be to establish the principles of the dialogue and prepare for a conference to discuss the relevant issues.

Nu’maan added that the southern issue is a fair one and that there are continuous problems that are bringing violence to the south.

“Though some people used violence, such acts never represent the Southern Movement or southern issue,” he added.

According to what they have achieved up until now, Nu’maan said that they eliminated many of the tools of the former regime but not all of its aspects.

“What we are up to now is creating new tools for new civil system starting with restructuring the army and conducting National Dialogue,” Nu’maan stated.