Marib Pipelines Bombed

National Yemen

Oil Field

By NY Staff

The Ministry of Interior reported that gunmen bombed the oil pipeline passing through Seroah Directorate, Marib Governorate this past Thursday.

The ministry accused Mohammed Ahmed To’eman for bombing the pipeline and directed the Central Military to arrest him. The sources added that the accused had been demanding compensation from the government after being shot by the Republican Guards in Sana’a.

According to the sources, To’eman along with two other men refused to stop their car at a Republican Guard checkpoint. As a result, the guards shot at his car killing his friend and injuring him. The government moved to resolve the problem with the tribe and paid money for the family of the man who was killed. However, To’eman said he received nothing from the government. The tribe said that they took him to Jordan where he received treatment at the expense of the government.

Military sources mentioned that To’eman previously attempted to bomb the pipeline a month ago but was prevented by the local authority and leaders in Marib governorate. A person gave the government a 20-day deadline to solve To’eman’s case but the government did not pay any compensation by the time the deadline passed.

A source from Safer Exploration and Production Operations Company in Yemen stated that a group of engineers and specialists finished repairing the same pipeline only one month ago.

A Safer  representative said, “We are trying to repair another pipeline that was bombed months ago in Marib governorate near the Central Facility for Pumping oil from Marib to exportation port in Hodeida.”

The source remarked that process of pumping oil was frozen for four months because of the bombings. As a result, it is approximated that 110 barrels of oil were not exported and generating a loss of over $1 billion US.

It is worth mentioning that the main pipeline for pumping oil was also closed since due to an attack in 2011 by anti-government gunmen. The pipeline was opened after being repaired in July 2011 but has been bombed in continuous attacks since November until today.

In this regard, Minister of Oil and Minerals Ministry stated that Yemen will make monthly tenders in the world market to buy 130,000 tons of gasoline, 110,000 tons of oil and 60,000 tons of liquefied petro oil. A ministry official said that these are the monthly amounts needed from gasoline in Yemen. According to the minister, Yemen depended on Saudi grants during the crisis in 2011 amounting to $600 million US monthly.