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Peace of Sheba Prize Awarded Hadi and Saleh, Others Peace of Sheba Prize Awarded Hadi and Saleh, Others

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BY NY Staff

The General Secretariat, which includes the Partners of Yemeni Civil Society Organizations, the Aid Association for Human Rights and Migration and the April 27th Organization, awarded the Peace of Sheba Prize to a number of Yemeni and international political figures, including former President Ali Saleh.

Awarding the prize for these people came as a result of their contributions to the peaceful transmission of power after a long year crises. According to the press release of the secretariat, its members identified four figures that helped Yemen avoid a catastrophic civil war. These four personalities included former President Ali Saleh, President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi, Secretary-General of the Yemeni Socialist Party Dr. Yaseen Saeed Nu’man, and Secretary-General of the United Nations Jamal Bin Omar.

According to the statement of the secretariat, the time and avenue of awarding the prize will be determined later in time.

In addition, in its last meeting held in Tunisia, the General Secretariat of Press Association in Morocco decided to award Saleh and Hadi with the Peace Shield Prize for their efforts in securing Yemen and allowing the transfer of power. The secretariat will also award the youth of revolution.

The Moroccan political activist and General Secretary of National Press Dr. Aida Ben-Omar noted that the association will send a team of lawyers and Arab journalists, who are members of the association, to Yemen after the presidential election. The team will work with Yemeni authorities to award Hadi, Saleh and the youth of peaceful revolution.