Public Telecom Employees Strike

National Yemen

Protesters near by new President Hadi's house

By NY Staff

On Saturday, the syndicate and employees of the General Corporation for Telecommunication and Non-Telecommunications will begin a strike demanding the Ministry of Telecom and Ministry of Finance to increase their salaries. The salary increases were previously approved during the board members’ last meeting.

The telecom corporation is a government firm and it has more than 800 employees. While it includes trained engineers and technicians, the staff receive payments relative to other governmental employees. The decision was taken by the employees to better their living condition.

The strike includes all departments and management, except technicians and tower operators because their presence is a must for the companies daily operations. The employees are calling the government to pay them similar wages to Tele-Yemen and Yemen Mobile, both sister companies who pay their staff $1,000 to $2,000 monthly.

The strike is likely to continue until the Ministry of Finance approves to pay the incentives and the increase of salaries, which amount to a 1.5 billion YR increase. The employees stated that they deserve a good source of income as their activities injects 50,000 billion YR annually into the Central Bank.

The response of the Ministry of Finance thus far, which is under the control of the opposition party, is that they cannot allow this to happen because it will be a incentivize sub-governmental offices  to demand similar increases.