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Sacking the Most Prominent Alley of Saleh’s Regime

National Yemen

Mahdi Maqola

By NY Staff

President Hadi started his days in power with strong and bold decisions starting with sacking the most prominent military leader, Mahdi Maqola. The decision sends assuring messages to the people especially the southern people that change started to take place. Hadi issued a presidential decree exempting the commander of southern military area and appointing the senior southern military leader Salem Ali Quton. Quton was appointed to be the leader of the southern military area and armored 31 brigade.

According to the decree, Maqola was appointed to be the Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Manpower Affairs instead of Slam Ali Quton. The decree comes as Maqola was greatly accused for corruption, looting of southern lands, and sacking of some southern leaders which resulted in forming the Southern Movement five years ago.

In the past, Maqola held various positions including the leader of the Private Guards of former President Saleh. It was reported during the political crisis Yemen witnessed last year that Saleh was intending to make Maqola the vice president due to his strong loyalty to the president and his relatives. In this regard, sources reported that this decree angered the former president Saleh. Sources added that there are expectations of sacking Mohammed Ali Mohsen from Hadramout. It is worth mentioning that Mohammed Mohsen is a strong alley to Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmer, the commander of First Armored Division that supports the youth revolution.

In another interesting move, Hadi issued a decree of appointing Engineer Waheed Ali Rasheed as the Governor of Aden. Rasheed belongs to the Islamist party and once before was appointed as the Deputy of Aden Governor.

In the meanwhile, the Prime Minister issued a decree of appointing Sadeq Saleh Heid as the General Director of Security in Aden governorate.