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Yahiya Saleh: I Will Not Run for Next Presidential Election

National Yemen

Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh

By NY Staff

In an interview with Sky News, Chairman of Central Security Forces Yahiya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh stated that he is not willing to run for the presidential elections after two years.

“I do not aspire to rule Yemen after what took place and after the ingratitude people showed,” Saleh declared.

 “A reasonable man will not aspire to rule Yemen,” he added.

Yahiya also rejected the idea that Saleh’s return to Yemen and having him at the helm of the GPC will contribute to the continuity of the crisis.

In regard to the suicide bombing in Mukalla city that targeted the Presidential Palace, Yahiya Saleh said that it was previously planned by Al-Qaeda. He pointed to evidence such as how it happened right after the speech of Abd Rabo’s speech in which he promised to fight Al-Qaeda with the International Community.

Yahiya noted that Al-Qaeda groups have exploited the security voids in the southern governorates resulting in the expansion of their influence. He explained that many of the party leaders who lost their positions in the state after 21 years of the adoption of the democracy left retaining their positions to their faith in pluralism and innovation.

Yahiya also said it is not true that Saleh’s family, who are holding to the most crucial positions in the Yemeni army, has the greatest position in the current situation.

“We are part of the solution to the crisis,” he stated, “protestors have an exclusionary ideology which is totally rejected by Yemenis as we live here together and will build the country with each other.”

Yahiya Saleh addressed Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi as “His Excellency, President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi” after he voted for him in the elections.


  • Yahya seems very naive, the Yemen masses rejected saleh, cronnies and families,Yahya is in this list. He is dreaming to say the least, if he will get any votes of the free Yemeni people.