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Yemen Mobile Company to Adopt New Services

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Yemen Mobile

By NY Staff

Yemen Mobile for Mobile Telecommunication Company started activating modern systems for Internet services as the its clients demanded after receiving complaints regarding renewing subscriptions and losing accounts. The new system will give the clients of the company in Yemen a full month since renewing their subscription instead of the system used before.

The General Manager of Public Relations s Abdurrahman Al-Zyadi stated in a press release that the new system will provide the customers with more services. They will be able to renew their subscription any day in the month via any of the post offices, he added. The customer will be guaranteed the freedom to move between the packages from top to bottom and vice versa without paying any fees, Al-Zyadi stated. As the new system came to meet the aspiration of clients, Al-Zyadi advised the customers to choose the packages that suit their activities to be able to get the best level of the service.

It is worth mentioning that there have been a lot of complaints against the services of Yemen Mobile Company especially those related to “Barq” service. The customers accused “Barq” service of being poor and frauding the clients. In addition, the company started activating the service of reduction of net services fees that it announced earlier in response to the complaints of the customers.

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