Yemen to Establish the Organization of Equity and National Reconciliation

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Yemen to Establish the Organization of Equity

By NY Staff

Within the frame of transitional justice and national reconciliation, the Ministry of Legal Affairs proposed a draft of law to the government of national reconciliation for building an independent body for equity and national reconciliation. If approved, the body will aim to hold a national reconciliation between Yemenis who were affected by the political conflicts from 1994 until now. The body also will compensate those who lost their rights or suffered during these conflicts. According to the proposed draft, the organization will consider complaints and compensation for victims of grave violations committed before 1990 — if their effects continue to the present time.

The law will charge the organization with investigating all credible allegations of human rights violations that happened as a result of the struggles between political parties since January 2011 until the date the law is issued. The organization will also investigate the actions committed by people in power and armed groups and will pay special attention to cases related to vulnerable groups in society like women and children. Victims of grave violations of human rights will be provided with special care when listening to their complaints.  Listening sessions will be either confidential or public as victims prefer. The law also provides that witnesses will not be affected in any legal way and authorities will provide protection for them.

The cases and issues that will be considered by the organization can include looted properties, lost rights of employment and will be pursed regardless of whether the cases were committed by people in power or other authorities that controlled the areas violations were committed. The organization will compensate the heirs of those who died because of these violations and compensation will include educating their children.

On its part, the new government, led by Mohammed Basondowa, has seen the draft of transitional justice and national reconciliation. The government also assigned a ministerial committee led by the Minister of Legal Affairs to review the draft and record their notes and possible modifications for it, and present the result of their work to the Council of Ministers within two weeks. The members of the committee will include Minister of State for Affairs of Representatives’ house and Shura Council, the Minister of Human Rights, the Minister of State for Affairs of Ministers’ Council and the Secretary General for Ministers’ Council.

According to Saba, the official Yemeni News Agency, the draft aims at treating the effects of the violations of human rights that took place in the past to prevent repeating them in the future. Also, they will make sure to compensate the victims with procedures that support the national reconciliation and get rid of the revenge concept. The law also aims at emphasizing the political transition in Yemen with the principles of forgiveness, moving forward, rejecting all kinds of violence, revenge and justice. It will also observe the actions of political parties during the coming stage.

The law draft included 18 sub-projects distributed on different categories. These categories are: naming, definitions, objectives, scope of work, equity and reconciliation, enhancement and protection of human rights and other final laws.