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Alsoswa Visits Yemen on an Official Mission

National Yemen

Ms. Amat Al-Alim Alsoswa

Press release

Ms. Amat Al-Alim Alsoswa, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Assistant Administrator of United Nations Development Programme and Director of its Regional Bureau for Arab States, has arrived today to Sana’a for a three-day official mission that will last until Thursday 08 March 2012.

During the mission, she will meet with senior leaders, government and parties officials, None Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Youth Groups, and other related parties to discuss several aspects of UNDP’s support.

UNDP has provided technical support to the Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum to conduct the Early Presidential Elections on 21 February 2012. It also helped in establishing the Multi-Donors Basket Fund for Elections, which has been supported by many donors. The UNDP will work in the upcoming period to support its practice areas, such as Democratic Governance, through a number of projects. The Support to Elections during the Transitional Period Project for instance will continue supporting the electoral process during the transitional period, after it had supported the early presidential elections. In addition, UNDP will intensify its efforts in early recovery, crisis prevention, poverty reduction, environment preservation and other important development areas.

Ms. Alsoswa’s visit confirms UNDP’s continuing efforts.