Al-Beida Governorate a Hot Spot for Conflicts

National Yemen

Ansar Al-Sharia

By National Yemen

As Ansar Al-Sharia group appeared unexpectedly in Al-Beida governorate, armed clashes and bombing started appearing everywhere in the governorate. The group seized some directorates in the governorate, and conducted bombings and armed attacks around the governorate.

Similarly, armed groups attacked a military checkpoint at Al-Zaher road where a soldier was killed and two others were injured. Also, the director of education in Rada’a was subjected to failed assassination attempt. In addition, a car laced with explosives was detonated at the Al-Nasr Building resulting in heavy damages.

Observers of the local situations expect serious developments due to the government’s tepid response. According to observers, authorities in the governorate keep ignoring all the attacks by Ansar Al-Sharia by simply dismissing that they in fact happened.

The Interior Ministry directed the security forces to always be alert and ready after receiving definite information that around 1000 al-Qaeda linked gunmen are planning to commit terrorist operations in the governorate.

Amidst these developments, the Executive Council held a meeting last week but did not address the disastrous situation in the governorate and neither did the local authority in the province.