Arrangements Made to Restructure the Army

National Yemen

Yemeni Soldiers

By National Yemen

Yemeni sources stated that arrangements are being made to resolve the positions of senior military leaders in preparation to start restructuring the army. Restructuring the army is considered to be one of the most prominent items in the Gulf Initiative for power transmission in Yemen.

The sources added that different sides agreed on a number of decisions to be implemented before the end of March. The decisions include steps for restructuring the army in coincidence with holding the national dialogue.

The agreements provide the dismissal of Ahmed Ali Saleh from his position as commander of Republican Guards and appointing him to be an advisor for the commander of the armed forces in the fight against terrorism. The agreements also include the dismissal of commander of First Armored Division Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmer to be another advisor to the commander of armed forces.

A number of military leaders will be dismissed according to the agreements including Mohammed Saleh Al-Ahmer, commander of Air Forces; Yahiya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, commander of the Central Security Forces; Mohammed Ali Mohsen, commander of the eastern region; and Yahiya Al-Qasheebi, commander of Armored 310 Brigade.