Goodbye to the Past and Welcome to the Future

National Yemen

Student Graduation ceremony

By Asma Rassam

For National Yemen

Finally we reach the end — we are leaving our college to enter the world.  Maybe we will lose the way to that place or become so far or busy to come back but we will never forget time we spent here. The most difficult thing is that we have to wave goodbye to everybody we have met. In fact, we will not leave a place, but rather, a home and a family. It is true that we are eager to leave to a new world but our souls are keen to stay. This place was like a hermitage for our souls and it was the shared destination for our steps.

Nearly five years ago, this place received us with open arms. Today it bids us adieu with a sad smile. We joined this college determined to shape our bright future. At that time, we began our climb to success as well as to the exit gate. During this journey we encountered many difficulties and hardships, as it is the way of the world. In fact, we have experienced all kinds of feelings. There were times when we felt happy and joyful and times when we felt depressed and even disillusioned. Also, we have dealt with different kinds of people. We met earthly angels and legendary heroes. We witnessed greatness itself and felt the heavenly kindness of those amongst us. But sometimes we were deeply shocked by the falling of many masks and by the ugly revelation of hypocrisy. However, truly, without Allah’s support and help and others’ noble devotions, we would be lost and our journey would reach no end.

While we neared the end of our journey, the sun of justice rose in the sky of our nation to end the long night of oppression and darkness. Divine winds blew and uprooted the pillars of corruption and ignorance. It was a new spring which came to end the cold and dark winter. People woke and revolted over the life of slavery and fear. They aspired to live with dignity and freedom. Despite the simplicity of their dreams, the price was so high. Their saintly blood was brutally shed everywhere.

Therefore, for you, for them and for the whole nation, we decided to devote our lives to building a better country. We promise you that we will never let you down. We give you our commitments and vows that the future will be brighter. We will build what has been destroyed and fixe what has been spoiled. As we destroy the castles of tyranny and dictatorship, we will create the immortal civilization and restore our lost dignity. We will end the long decades of suffering and injustice. We will revive the killed dreams and hopes. We are going to end the heavy night for we are the new day. Our sun will be the highest and our light will be the brightest. Our land should witness the light again. If the night was so long and the morning was so late, our hopes will be the candles which will vaporize all the traces of darkness. Our will is strong but your help is demanded. With your support and help we will do what was thought to be impossible. We will wipe the tears from every eye and draw the simile on every face. We will draw the new picture of our country where we will live together in peace and love. Together we will be the solid rocks upon which all the attempts of reviving the past will be demolished.

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