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Houthis: No Dialogue With Western Interference

National Yemen

Abdul-Malik al-Houtho

By National Yemen

Dhaif-Allah Al-Shami, a member of the Houthi political office stated “that different Yemeni parties who try to have a national dialogue should first get rid of the western custody that is dragging Yemen into serious conflicts.”

“We adopted a hostile attitude towards the U.S.A and want all Yemenis to remove all aspects of the previous regimes that used to be a strong ally for them,” Al-Shami added.

According to him, the American Ambassador is trying to reproduce the former regime and the ambassador is acting as if he is the commander and mastermind of the previous regime.

“Many in the government follow all the orders of the ambassador and have made him their spiritual father as he tries to change the beliefs of Yemeni people. We completely reject this,” Al-Shami said.

Al-Shami also was quoted as saying that Americans are trying to create a conflict in Yemen through their statements such as saying some members of Saleh’s family should retain their positions so they can fight Al-Qaeda.

In regard to the national dialogue the government is expected to hold, Al-Shami said that the Houthis are the first to support a national dialogue provided that it free from Western interference. Also, he stipulated that those who call for national dialogue should have the constitutional legitimacy. But, according to him, the government does not have this legitimacy and so it cannot have any valuable outcome as long as they implement the “American and Gulf” conspiracy.

According to Al-Shami, Houthis did not decide whether they are going to attend the national dialogue or not because “we will make our decisions at the right time. And if we decide to go, we will have our own conditions.”

Al-Shami also said that they refuse to be used as a party to fulfill the legitimacy of the national dialogue and that they know Yemeni people do not recognize the new government.

“As we try our best to serve Yemeni people and their needs for security, we share our decisions with everyone, including neighboring countries, people in squares of change and southern people. However, we believe that the Preparatory Committee for National Dialogue, led by Hameed Al-Ahmer, returns us to square one,” Al-Shami said.

Al-Shami added in his speech that national dialogue should be held under no custody and that Yemeni sides should be masters to decide where, how and what principles the dialogue will include. “National dialogue should serve all interest of all Yemeni people and we will never think of our own interest at the expense of others.” he stated.

“We are looking forward to building the new and civil country that cares for all civil and religious rights that were violated by the former regime.” Al-Sami said.