Salafis to Form Al-Tamkeen Party

National Yemen

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By National Yemen

The prominent Salafi leader Aqeel Al-Maqtari said last Wednesday that they are preparing for the formation of a Salafi political party to be called Al-Tamkeen. Al-Maqtari stated that will hold a conference next week carrying the slogan “Salafis and Political Work” and they will try to include all Salafis in Yemen.

“Recently, the environment has been good for political work and Salafis will do their best to cooperate with all national parties to serve Yemen and its people,” Al-Maqtari continued, “we will do our best to implement principles of justice and equity for all Yemenis regardless of their area or party.”

Al-Maqtari expected to face many reactions from Salafis and non-Salafis regarding the idea of establishing a political party. As for the reasons that urged them to establish a special party for them, Al-Maqtari said they got the idea when they witnessed what happened in Egypt.

“After the resignation of Mubarak, Salafi party got the second place in the parliamentary elections in Egypt and this gave us great motivation,” he said.