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Secretary General of Al-Haq Party Dismissed

National Yemen

Hassan Zaid

By National Yemen

The Houthi affiliated Al-Haq Executive Committee dismissed the Secretary General Hassan Mohammed Zaid of Al-Haq because he met with the American ambassador in his house without referring to the laws of the party.

According to the press release of the Al-Haq Executive Committee, “Zaid was sacked because he received the American ambassador in his house. This does not create any benefit to the party.”

There were other reasons for his dismissal according to the statement. Chief among these reasons is that Zaid managed the affairs of the party without referring to the committee.

“He used to travel for long period outside Yemen while we were not informed of the purposes of these travels,” the press release stated. In addition to this, Zaid reportedly refused to allow the financial department of the Al-Haq Party to do its work, which creating complications in the transparency of the party’s budget.

Accordingly, the committee appointed Mohammed Yahiya Al-Mansour to the position of Secretary General, until they hold their conference within the next year.

On his part, Al-Mansour said that the committee reached this decision after they reached made little progress trying to fix and repair the affairs of the party. “The former secretary general disabled the work of the committee, brought armed men to the party headquarter to force his policy, closed headquarters and prevented the members from getting into the building,” he added.

According to the new Secretary General, the Al-Haq Party will continue preparing for the general conference within the time limit and will keep calling for an interference free national dialogue that includes all parties.

Responding to the issue, Hassan Zaid said that the press release of the executive committee is not serious and of little impact. According to him, the committee did not hold a meeting for all members and only Mohammed Yahiya Al-Mansour and Ahmed Qasem Al-Dailami who left Al-Haq party and joined Al-Oma released the statement. “These two are accused for many violations so I am ignoring them,” Zaid stated.

Zaid added that Scholar Mohammed Bin-Mohammed Al-Mansour issued a statement refusing the so-called press release of the executive committee. In addition, he has statements of refusal from the party branches in different governments like Sada’a, Taiz, Dhamar, Al-Mahwet, Amran, members of the executive committee and the party’s Shura Council,” he added.