The Peaceful Revolution Salvation Front Calls All Political and Civil Players to Promote Tolerance

National Yemen

Protesters in Sana'a

The Peaceful Revolution Salvation Front (RSF), a civil coalition to support the development of a modern Yemen, has strongly condemned the bloody terrorist attacks that killed dozens of civilians and military in Sa’da, Abyan, al-Byda’ and Mukala cities over few past days.

A video posted on YouTube revealed anti- USA rally took place in Sa’da on this past Friday in which dozens of thousands of civilians and resulted in 22 injuries.

A day later, 2 people at least killed and 8 injured in a car explosion in front of Republican Guard’s headquarters in al-Byda.

Separately on the same day, an explosion targeted the Mukala-based Central Security camp, with an unknown number killed and injured.

Then on Sunday, in sequence, al-Qaeda-suspects donated a car bomb on a military checkpoint in al- Kawd of Abyan, killing 4 soldiers, followed by bloody clashes in Dawfas, a small town close to Zinzibar, lasted until Monday, in which about 200 soldier were reportedly killed, hundreds others injured and about 70 arrested.

The RSV denounces all these actions “terror acts” bringing “hatred, violence and counter violence.”

The RSV also denounced Takfeerism and instigation campaigns launched by some fundamentalist and extremist groups through media, mosque sermons, and Fatwa’s. RSV will hold them accountable for their actions.

The RSV called the National Reconciliation Government with its apparatuses, especially the Ministry of Interior, to be responsible for protecting civilians, pursuing perpetuators and bringing them to justice, protecting freedom of expression, putting an end for forms of instigating, ending religious, social and political discrimination as well as doing all that I can to protect peaceful rallies.

RSV also calls on President Abed Raboo Mansur, the Security and Defense Committee and the government, as represented by the Ministry of Defense, to offer logistical support and equipment required for the protection of soldiers, remove private militaries and tribal fiefdoms, and end the polarization within the authority of the State, especially within the army.

Additionally, RSV demanded an urgent, transparent investigation into the recent terrorist operations that claimed the lives of dozens soldiers, disclose mysterious circumstances surrounding their death, bring officials responsible for alleged negligence or conspiracy to court and inform citizens of battles’ developments being fought by the army against al-Qaeda-linked fighters.

The RSV called all political, civil, and social forces to adopt public awareness campaigns and programs for “enhance tolerance, inter-faith, sectarian co-existence, diversity and plurality.”

RSF is a Yemeni civil coalition that is working to achieve change and support the establishment of a modern civil and democratic Yemen.