Al-Saleh Foundation Donates $700,000 for Dialysis Center


By Khadija al-Khateeb

NY Staff

Al-Saleh Foundation held a signing ceremony to sign an agreement to open a dialysis center in the Al-Mahara governorate. The agreement was signed by Al-Saleh’s General Executive Manager Ali Abdurrahman Al-Akwa’a.

The $700,000 US project will target people suffering from renal failure in the Al-Ghaidha directorate in Al-Mahara governorate. The project aims to provide the service of dialysis to help raise the standards of local health and reduce the number of those suffering from the disease in the governorate.

When the center is complete, it will feature eight dialysis devices in addition to a desalination plant for blood and a cooling device for a capacity of ten people. The center will also be staffed with two doctors, four nurses, and one engineer that were trained at Al-Thawara General Hospital.

The Governor Ali Mohammed Khawdam said that this project is a clear example of the humanitarian activities implemented by Al-Saleh foundation in all of Yemen’s governorates.

“The foundation provides the citizens with similar projects and helps provide them with the basic needs,” he added.

According to him, this project will reduce the suffering patients of renal failure face when they have to travel to distant places for dialysis.

Renal failure (formally called insufficiency) describes a medical condition in which the kidneys fail to adequately filter toxins and waste product from the blood. Currently there are 18,000 documented cases of renal failure in Yemen.

Al-Mahara Governor Ali Mohammed Khawdam, Oxfam Representative Adel Hassan, and the Humanitarian Forum’s General Executive Ahmed Al-Sheraji attended the signing ceremony.