Ali Mohsen: It Is up to the President to Decide If I Stay or Leave

National Yemen

Ali Mohsein

By NY Staff

A source close to Commander of the First Armored Division Ali Mohsen refuted the statements of the GPC that explaining that Ali Mohsen agreed to retire with Saleh. The source said that the GCC Initiative called off the agreement between Saleh and Ali Mohsen.

“The agreement required Ali Mohsen to leave his office when Saleh left power with his entire family, but Saleh did not do this at the time of the agreement,” the source stated. The source added that Ali Mohsen agreed to leave office at that time to prevent any bloodshed but Saleh continued shedding the blood of youth in all the cities.

In a related matter, a source close to Ali Mohsen told the Yemen Nation that demanding the implementation of any former agreements is considered to be in violation of the GCC initiative. The source confirmed that the only case for implementing former agreements is to prosecute Saleh on his crimes.

“Saleh’s return to Yemen and his involvement in politics is against the initiative and the immunity that received,” the source added. The source stated that Ali Mohsen wants to rest but will retain his positions if the president requests it.

In regard for Mohsen’s legal accountability, the source said that Ali Mohsen is ready to stand in a revolutionary court as a witness and declare his work with Saleh.